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Regenerative Cosmetic Gynaecology &
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Shangri La hotel

New Delhi, India

Regenerative Cosmetic
Gynaecology & Functional Urology
Live Workshop & Training

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Regenerating Sexual Potential

“State of the art Cellular
Therapy & Adipose Tissues”

Training &

19th – 20th
June 2020


June 2020

Why CosUG?

Cosmetic Gynaecology has become one of the fastest growing subspecialties of elective surgery for women and includes specialists in gynecology, urogynaecology, urology, and plastic surgery. This area of special interest includes both cosmetic procedures to enhance the aesthetic appearance of the vulvo/vaginal region, as well as functional vaginal repairs to enhance or help restore sexual function following the changes that may occur following childbirth and/or aging.

Regenerative Functional Urology is designed to offer you high-level training aimed to benefit your clinical practice. We are encouraged you to discuss and brainstorm with the highly-experienced faculty during the workshop & training.

You can expect a comprehensive coverage on

Male and Female
Genital Anatomy




Bladder pain syndrome/

Bladder pain syndrome/

Stress Urinary

Energy Based

What You Will Learn at CosUG 2020?

Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine- Science to society

  • PRP-G: Next Generation PRP for Sexual disorders & Thin Endometrium.
  • Lipokraft: Innovative procedure for Micro fragmented adipose tissues,nanofat, secretome, SVF, MSC.
  • RCAP: Regenerative concentrate of active platelets from bone marrow
  • aspirate for azoospermia, asherman syndrome & premature ovarian failure.
  • Cosmetic gynaecology: Rapid growing market and increasing demand from patients.
  • Influence of gynaecological diseases on quality of life.
  • Endocrinology, BHRT and sexual problems related to genitals.
  • Review of genital anatomy.

Functional procedures

  • Revitalizing & tightening of vagina(Energy Based Devices- Laser & Radio-frequency)
  • G-spot augmentation, Stress urinary Incontinence
  • Vulvo Vaginal Rejuvenation
  • Early Menopause Management

Aesthetic Medicine Procedures

  •  Skin revitalization of intimate area
  •  Mesotherapy in aesthetic gynaecology
  •  Constriction of labia minora (radio frequency)
  •  Fillers for labia augmentation
  •  Botox for Vaginismus
  •  Scar & Stretch Mark

Functional Urology

  • PRP, Shockwave, Fat Grafting & BHRT
  •  Penoplasty- Combinational treatment for Erectile Dysfunction, Penile Enlargement & Girth, Peyrinoies Diseases, Interstitial Cystitis

Organising Committee

Dr. Maria Karakoulaki

Scientific Committee Secretary

Dr. Kanika Singh

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Dr. Ayman Al Qatawneh

Organising Chairperson

Dr. Ihsan Naimat

Organising Secretary

Dr Lamees Murad

Conference Organising
Vice President

Dr. Nesreen Alhawamdeh

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Dr Pallavi Bansal Singla

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Dr Parul Sharma

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Dr Poonam Mishra

Jt. Secretary

Dr Sheryl Palad

Jt. Secretary

Dr Ruchi Tandon

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Dr Priya Shukla

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Message from Founder

It is a great honour to continue to serve as Director of the CosmoStem Institute
of Regenerative Aesthetic Medicine Program. I am excited to share some of the program’s successes and
our vision for the coming year. The past year has seen some interesting challenges and also some great successes. The CosmoStem Regenerative Medicine Program continues to become locally significant,
but also global in scope and impact with its collaborative spirit. Our mission has always been focused on bringing together forward-thinking scientists and clinicians. With numerous program activities including, seminars, research update talks, invited experts, annual retreats, and symposium, we foster a sense of community and provide a foundation for our shared research interests.

We are pleased to announce, together with the Medical Sciences Interdepartmental Area, CosUG, StemCell Xpress & ROWT, our offering of Regenerative Medicine Diploma Programs. Students that enrol with us, engage in and learn processes and methodologies affiliated with regenerative medicine and bioengineering. Relevant research includes organogenesis, tissue engineering, PRP, stem cell research and clinical therapeutics. Our program is uniquely broad, yet intimate. We have the infrastructure to maintain a close-knit and supportive learning environment and plan to make this a larger part of our mission.

Prabhu Mishra

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